Waste Management


Plastic waste is a global issue that will only increase for the entire world. Green Elephant, along with UK’s MBA Polymers “plastic waste solutions” have created a platform to be that solution.

MBA Polymers are world leaders in re-cycled plastic. MBA Polymers has its facilities in California, China and the UK. It can process over 300 million pounds i.e. 14000 tons of purified plastic waste every year. We then sells this purified plastic to some of the largest manufacturers in the field of IT, electronics, appliances, automobiles office, home and garden products etc.

Compressed Biogas


Green Elephant designs, builds and operates all types of large, medium and small scale custom made biogas plants to process organic waste into energy and fuel.

Green Elephant has built its first large compressed scale biogas plant working on sugarcane waste in the year 2008 in Satara. The plant consumes 600 tons of sugarcane waste and produces 28000 m3 of biogas every day. 70% of the raw biogas produced in this plant is sold to industrial customers. We can proudly say that this plant is one of the largest high-tech up-gradated plant in Asia. Green Elephant is the leading biogas company in India with aims to expand through Asia Pacific and the Middle East.



With its low maintenance, less space requirement and single handed operation, GreenBoxTM has become widely popular as the mini biogas plant of choice.

Green Elephant installed its first GreenBoxTMin 2011 in Mumbai for JSW. GreenBoxTM is prefabricated, portable and state of art anaerobic digestion plant that provides zero discharge solution for organic waste available in different capacities and degrees of automation. The biogas produced by converting organic waste via anaerobic digestion is used for power generation and as a cooking fuel.

GreenBoxTM is a small scale biogas plant that can be installed quickly and operated easily. It is the product that has the potential to change the concept of existing waste management.

A GreenBoxTM can process 500kg to 2000kg of segregated food waste and can produce 40m3 to 1603 of biogas every day.. The sludge that remains in this process is used as an organic fertiliser.



Green Elephant, in collaboration with the expertise of Europe and USA working in the sector of renewable energy and engineering offering efficient, expert and effective consultancy and engineering services to various customers in the sector. Green Elephant aims to extend the engineering services in India and worldwide after great success with global clients.