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We have developed a unique process design that offers an innovative gas processing technology through our various waste-to-energy projects.

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Green Elephant Group

With the strategy to build, own and operate customised biogas plants and waste management facilities, Green Elephant came into existence in the year 2009. Green Elephant Group has offices in India and Germany and focuses on the emerging markets of South East Asia and Africa.

We have developed a unique technology for biogas production and gas cleaning for large, medium as well as small scale plants. Our various plants that we have installed for our customers, work on approved and innovative recycling and biogas technologies, utilising organic waste.

Green Elephant aims to grow by developing its four major activities further.

Green Elephant’s waste management activities aim to provide solutions for converting various type of waste stream such as Un-organic waste, Liquid waste and hazardous waste apart from the Organic waste.

Green Elephant is already India’s leading producer of compressed biogas, and aims to grow further by converting organic waste stream into cleaned gas.

Green Elephant aims to develop its standardised and mobile biogas plant GreenBox ™ by developing further and offering it to the other suitable markets.

Green Elephant aims to enhance the service quality and continue focus on the Research and Development. Also aims to tie up with universities and research institution in Germany and India to offer state of the art to the customers.

Our main motives were the promotion of the latest recycling, waste management and gas up gradation technologies in emerging markets.

Health & Safety

Green Elephant´s health and safety guidelines follow the highest standards and we are taking care not only for our own business and employees but also for our family of stakeholders, such as suppliers and contractors. We take concrete measures to assure safe and reliable operation of our assets which include health and safety ratings for contractor selection, job safety analysis, control of work procedures and incident reporting. As we are developing most of our projects in developing markets, especially in rural areas, we intend to share our profits with all stakeholders. Together with the providers of our feed-stock we have agreed to set up a positive signal and will try our best to fight against climate change and increasing pollution.

Carbon Credits

Green Elephant realises the importance of clean energy to promote sustainable development especially in rural areas. Coal and oil have traditionally been used to fuel the power needs of energy-hungry developing countries, though this comes at a huge cost to the environment. Emissions from coal, petrol or diesel driven engines not only accelerate climate change but also affect the health of millions of people worldwide. We believe every cubic meter of clean gas generated to replace coal fired power is a step in the right direction. Green Elephant aims to develop its biogas projects as a CDM project (Clean Development Mechanism under the Kyoto Protocol) in order to generate additional revenue from selling Carbon Credits (CERs).

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Our Technology

Anaerobic Digester

We have the expertise in installing Anaerobic Digester based on CSTR technology, that break down the organic waste which leads to the production of biogas.

H2S Removal Technology

We provide reactors that removes H2S from the biogas to make it pure thus reducing equipment corrosion.

CO2 Removal Technology

With improved water scrubbing process, for biogas upgrading, we offer flexible, high quality, twin line gas upgrading plant.

GreenBoxTM Technology

The GreenBox ™ is a part of a larger portfolio of small, medium and large-scale biogas plants successfully being operated by Green Elephant, having international experiences in the biogas industry.

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