GreenBoxTM Al Wathba (Abu Dhabi)

Green Elephant uses advanced biogas and gas up-gradation technologies that meet European standards. Green Elephant has been awarded the Al-Wattbba project in Abudabi in year 2016. Green Elephant has developed a pre-fabricated and fully automatic the small scale biogas plant that can be easily scaled with add-on units (GreenBox ™).

Green Elephant has successfully commissioned this plant in 2016. Its waste processing capacity is 500 Kg per day and produces 40 m3 raw gas per day. Green Elephant has used a in-house PSA system for separation of CO2 and Methane. Methane is used for power generation by gas engine and CO2 is used for production of algae and Ennesys for water purification system. This is a completely new technology developed by Green Elephant.

GreenBox ™, a proprietary product of Green Elephant, is an innovative zero discharge solution for concentrated waste generators such as large kitchens, canteens, hotels etc.

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