Biogas Benefits

Biogas can be an alternative to conventional transportation fuels bearing a lot of benefits.

Cleaner Environment

We use the process of natural anaerobic digestion to produce our clean energy. As such, we do contribute to sustainable and clean environment. Producing biogas through anaerobic digestion reduces landfill waste, produces nutrient-rich liquid fertilizer, and requires less land than aerobic composting. We eliminate methane by disposing fermentable organic matter thereby reducing the emission of methane gas (CH4) into the atmosphere. Methane is 21 times stronger than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas. Through this process we produce clean and environment friendly fertilizers on organic basis.

Better Economics

Biogas reduces the cost of complying with EPA combustion requirements for landfill gas and can create a source of income for farmers or food producers. Industries and citizens can become independent electricity and heat producers for their own needs. Alternatively, they can feed energy into the electricity and gas grids. This reduces a countries dependency on fossil fuels and helps to develop an competitve economy.

Local Improvement

Biogas compensates for traditional non-renewable resources, such as oil, coal and natural gas. Producing biogas creates jobs and benefits local communities. Citizens and industries make themselves independent from suppliers and save costs.